Character Generation

Looking to plan character generation. Either 9-17-11 or 9-24-11? I’m planning to create MOST of the adventure hooks, etc. after character creation. The plan is that the party will be the crew (or part of the crew) of a merchant trader.

I do have a first adventure planned, assuming character creation doesn’t use the entire first session.

Introduction to First Adventure

Background The Tulupian Plateau on Forine has been a treasure trove of artifacts from the pre-cursor “Ancient” civilization. Clearly the most significant discovery was a piece of art in the form of a statue of a birdman — the so-called Tulupian Avian.

The discovery of the Tulupian Avian caused quite a stir among academicians on Forine and the surrounding subsectors. Then it was discovered that this was no mere statue, but a piece of psionic technology that was still operational and dangerous. While the circumstances are unclear, the statue was secured and placed in a remote and heavily guarded facility on Forine. A few scientists are allowed to study it under very controlled circumstances.

Mission The party has been contracted to deliver a very specialized piece of equipment to Forine. The equipment is delicate, sensitive and to be kept very secret.


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